Our Story.

Meet the family

Prescott’s Provisions was born from a family legacy in the restaurant industry. We’ve named our restaurant after our family’s patriarch, Donald Prescott Benoit—also known as “Prescott” (or “Dad” or “Grandpa” to us)—and he serves as our inspiration.

Donald Prescott opened his first restaurant, Dear Path, in 1967, and his wife, June, and all eleven of their kids worked there with him. It didn’t take long for Prescott to open more restaurants, and eventually the kids started opening and running their own places as well. The Benoit legacy spread from the first spot in New Berlin, New York, to Utica. And now we’re bringing it to Western New York.

Our restaurant is the latest in a family tradition spanning more than fifty years, this time run by Prescott’s second-youngest child, Don Pierre Benoit. And Don’s goal is to share and spread his family’s passion, so he brought in family friend Vinny Thompson, an executive chef with an impressive résumé.

So from our family to yours, we sincerely hope you enjoy your dining experience at Prescott’s Provisions. And we look forward to seeing you again soon!

Donald Prescott Benoit, Brian, Verne, Daryl, Corey, Don, Dale, Annette, June Benoit, and Donna

Meet the chef

Chef Vinny

Niagara Falls native Vinny Thompson grew up in a family of great cooks. He started his culinary career at age 14 working in a local pizzeria. From there, he gained experience at Leon’s, where he worked for eight years and became the executive chef. He has also been the executive chef at Fiamma Steak, Bambino Italian Restaurant, Boss Steakhouse, Buffalo Chophouse, and most recently, Curtiss Hotel’s Chez Ami. He joins Prescott’s Provisions with tons of ideas and ambition to serve exciting, delicious food to our community.

Vinny takes great pride in every dish he creates. He enjoys full reign of the kitchen because we trust his instincts and experience. Our menu is his menu, and he owns everything we serve.